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Greek Food for Thought | Authentic Greek Food Family Recipes
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Greek Food For Thought Cookbook Cover

We are the Georgantonis sisters, and we have written a unique cookbook, one which includes not only our family recipes but also stories of our growing up Greek.

Here, you will find:

  • Delicious and authentic Greek recipes
  • Warm, poignant and funny stories about growing up Greek
  • Over 100 age-old wise sayings of the Greeks all served up with a lot of love and heartfelt tradition.

About The Authors & Cookbook

We wrote this book as a tribute to our parents and our Greek heritage. It took many years to complete. For one thing, every word had to be a consensus, and we sometimes had different perceptions of what really happened back then. We would jokingly say, “My mother did it this way” or “My daddy didn’t say that!”

This book is set up in chronological order. It begins with our father leaving the village in 1917 to come to the land of opportunity: America. The vignettes follow our lives and experiences in a home full of love and the Greek culture. The recipes are absolutely authentic. They are the creations of our parents who brought their village lives to Amarillo, Texas. Many of the recipes are solely their own creation.

We wrote the book for our children so that the traditions in the kitchen and our lives would not die. In the process, we discovered that many other people were interested in our story, hence, this website. It doesn’t take an ounce of blood to become part of a culture. All it takes is to fall in love with its people, traditions, foods and customs. It is our hope that you will join us in the rich cultural tradition of being Greek. It’s yours for the taking. Kali Orexi!


Inspiration for the Cookbook

Inspiration for the Cookbook


Food was a way of life when we were growing up and that was the inspiration for writing our book. There was always a meal of the day - a grand production - planned early in the morning and served with love later in the day.  The entire day was spent collecting the ingredients and preparing the beautiful creation. The Greek diet is naturally healthy: olive oil, feta cheese, garlic, yogurt, oregano, lamb, fish, lentils, and vegetables upon vegetables all of which abounded at our house.


Daddy always said it’s better to pay the grocer than the doctor, so we were taught that good health is based on good eating. Everything we ate was made from scratch with very few processed foods. Our most common dessert was yogurt - plain and simple. No wonder we had wonderful digestion! The most important gift our parents gave us, however, was the fact that food in our home was prepared and served with love, nourishing our bodies and souls.

Philosophy of Life

Humor was an important part of our lives. Our parents had fun with life. Not that they weren’t reverent. They honored God and His presence in our lives, but an underlying humor was always there to diffuse a difficult situation or ease the pain. They joked with each other and joked with us, especially when we were taking life a little too seriously. In addition, our parents were always philosophizing in the Greek tradition, questioning and discussing everything from our small realm of friends and family around us to the wider global perspective. We were taught a broad social responsibility from a very personal level.


The formula for living our lives was pretty straight-forward and elemental: everyone in the family was to love one another. If resentments arose, you were supposed to apologize and move on. Forgiveness was a value we were taught to practice. You respected others, you respected yourself and you respected life itself. You knew that God created you, and you were expected to use all the skills and abilities He had bestowed on you to do His will. One of Daddy’s favorite expressions was, “Just do your best, Honey!” Mother and Daddy expected us to excel. They encouraged us to be open to learning new things, to learn in school and out of school, and they supported us completely in all our endeavors. They taught us never to forget our roots. We were Greek-American, not Greek, not just American, but compelled us always to honor both cultures. Finally, because our parents always owned and operated their own businesses, they imparted to us all a strong business acumen.